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Important Notice: Please note that this is not the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) web site and you should only read this section or contact our office if you are a tenant of PC Properties requiring guidance on how to claim back your deposit. If you are not a PC Properties tenant, then please visit or your relevant deposit protection provider. If in doubt, please contact your landlord or letting agent, not PC Properties! Thank you.

Government legislation intoduced on the 6th April 2007 requires that all deposits received by a landlord or letting agent on an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, must be protected by one of the several government approved protection schemes.

All tenant deposits paid to PC Properties are subsequently transferred to a government approved deposit protection agency - The Deposit Protection Service or DPS.

Once PC Properties have registered your deposit details with the DPS, the DPS will e-mail you with a link. Click on the link, or copy and paste in to your web browser. You will then be prompted to enter your e-mail address and to set up your DPS account password.
Once the DPS have received your deposit in cleared funds, they will provide further confirmation again by e-mail within 30 days after paying your deposit.  The DPS will provide confirmation by e-mail where a valid e-mail address has been provided. If an e-mail address has not been provided, they will send confirmation to your mobile phone number or to your postal address.

At the end of your tenancy, and providing that all conditions as per the terms of your tenancy agreement have been met, PC Properties will then authorise the DPS to release your deposit.

PC Properties and the DPS will contact you via e-mail and/or letter should it be considered necessary to make any lawful deductions.

If there are any deductions to be made from your deposit to cover cleaning, rubbish removal, damages etc., PC Properties will confirm and agree these via the lead tenant as per the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. Once any such deductions have been mutually agreed, we will then authorise the DPS to release to you your deposit less any deductions to be paid to your Landlord.

Please be reminded that as per the terms of your tenancy agreement and before PC Properties can authorise the release of your deposit, we require proof that you have paid all of your utility bills up to the end of your tenancy, which include Gas, Electricity & Water. In addition, all rent due must be fully paid before any deposit may be authorised for repayment.

To request a refund of your deposit from the DPS;

- Log on to the DPS web site -
- Log in to your Custodial DPS account 
- Enter your *e-mail address followed by your password.

You will then be requested to confirm repayment, and if relevant, your acceptance of any agreed deductions to be repaid to your Landlord, following which you will be requested to input your bank details in to which the balance of your deposit will be repaid.

Your deposit will then be repaid directly in to your bank account usually within 5 working days.

* Please Note: Your e-mail address must be the same as that held by the DPS which was submitted to them at the point of you paying your deposit. If your e-mail address against which your deposit was originally registed is no longer valid, then you will need to contact the DPS on 0330 303 0030

If you require confirmation of your Deposit I.D. number, or any other information relating to your deposit, please e-mail PC Properties at: or telephone on 0114-267-6177