PC Properties Student House Hunting Guide!

Whilst searching for your perfect Student house which you will spend your year/s at University is very exciting. It can also be a little daunting at times! We wanted to share with you some advice which hopefully will help you on your way to finding the best Student Accommodation in Sheffield, suited to your needs.

Tip 1 - Who - housemates:

The first thing which we reccommend all of our tenants who ask for our advice is to think long and hard about who they want to share their Student house with. Believe it or not, who you choose to be your co-tenants in your Student home can make or break your time at University! Do you enjoy being on your own, so you can study in peace and go to bed when you like? or do you enjoy lots of company and a few parties? Choosing who you live with is just as important . . . if not more important than finding your house! 

Sharing a house can also. . . sometimes bring out peoples worse habits like not washing up or tidying up after themselves, this can cause friction. It's a great idea to create some ground house rules - cleaning rotas and other checklists can help with this!
It's also important to remember that you will more than likely be asked to sign a joint tenancy contract; these make everyone in the tenancy liable for any damages to the property or outstanding rent etc. As the signed tenancy agreement is a legally binding document, once you have signed the contract, you are not able to be released from the tenancy contract unless you have found a suitable replacement tenant. 

Remember, just because you are great friends in and around university, it's very different to living together for a year, so don't rush, take your time! Once you have decided who you want to live with, you can move onto the next step - finding your new home! 

Tip 2 - When, Where & How:

Sheffield is a fantastic place for University Students because there are thousands of house options and so many different areas to choose from, to name a few; Hunters Bar, Ecclesall, Broomhall, Broomhill, Crookes & Crookesmoor. Take a look at letting agents/landlord reviews and see what other Students have said about the properties and the standard of service provided to them throughout their tenancy.

Student Accommodation re-letting in Sheffield,  for the next Academic year, generally starts on the 1st November.  Sheffield Student Accommodation varies from 1 bed studio flats to 10+ large Student houses, so you will definitley find something that will suit your needs. If you are a large group, its often easier to look for two seperate smaller houses on the same street/nextdoor to each other.

Decide on a budget that you can afford and make sure that you stick to that budget, remember to add your utility bills if not already inclusive, TV License, contents insurance, food and other living costs that are relavent. PC Properties provide Wifi free of charge in all of our properties.

                                         Sum : Weekly Rent x 52 Weeks ÷ 12 months = £ Monthly Rent 

Houses will be advertised as: 

       - Bills all inclusive: This means that all bills are included in the rent rate (gas, water & electricity and TV Liscense).

                        - Excluding bills: This means that gas, electricity & water and TV License utilities are seperate from the rent, and are the responsibility of the tenants. 

Note: If a property is occupied solely by full-time students then you are all exempt from paying Council Tax.

Tip 3 - I think i've seen the perfect property, whats next?

Once you have found a potential property that you are interested in, contact the letting agent/landlord and arrange to have a viewing, if there are current Student residents in the property, ask them any questions you may have regarding the area, house and the service they have received. Ensure that your group view a few houses before making your final decision on where you would like to live. We reccommend that all of the group view the property before signing any documents to secure the property, this ensures that everyone is happy that the property is suitable.

! Things to consider;

- Is there a gas safety certificate for the property?

- Does the property have an electrical inspection certificate? 

- Are there smoke detectors fitted? 

- Is there an energy performance certificate for the property?

- If the property is for 5 persons or more, it should have a valid HMO license (Houses of Multiple Occupation).

- Has the landlord/letting agent provided you with an updated Right to Rent checklist?

- Ensure that your deposit will be protected with a Government Deposit Protection Scheme such as: The Deposit Protection Service (DPS). 

Tip 4 -  Signing the Contract & Securing the house: 

Once you are happy that you have found the right property, arrange with your group to have a meeting with the letting agent where you can have a read through the Legally binding contract and ask any questions which you may have. Make sure that you thoroughly read and understand every page before any deposits are paid or documents signed. 

Q - What is a legally binding contract? - A legally binding contract is a legally binding agreement in law, between two parties, in this case, the landlord and their tenant(s). 

Q - What does it mean to be in a 'joint contract'? - A joint contract will state the rent for the property as a whole, and all the tenants names will be printed on it.  This contract makes all tenants jointly liable for any rent arrears and damages that may occour in the property at the end of the tenancy. 

In order to proceed with the signing and in accordance with Government legislation, you will need to provide proof of Identity usually in the form of a valid Student ID card & valid Passport. After signing the contract, you will also be asked to pay a deposit fee and admin fee. Note: Make sure that your landlord will protect your deposit by using a Government approved Deposit Protection Scheme. 

There should be two copies of the tenancy agreement; one of which the landlord/letting agent keeps on file and a second which is the tenants copy, however all documents must be checked and signed by the tenants, the landlord and a witness.

Finally, when all the tenancy agreements have been signed, you will be presented with a copy! We look forward to welcoming you to your new home on the 1st July! Until then, if you have any queries or questions, dont hesitate to get in touch with our office. 

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