University of Sheffield FAQs

1) Which courses are popular at the University of Sheffield?

With more than 250 full time courses on offer, there’s something for everyone at The University of Sheffield. Unsurprisingly, the institution leads the way in engineering - as might be expected from the nation’s City of Steel. Aeronautical/aerospace, medical/biomedical, mechanical and production/manufacturing engineering are all areas where TUOS ranks highly on satisfaction.

Other subjects The University of Sheffield ranks highly for include zoology, economics, health studies, linguistics, ophthalmics, architecture and journalism. Though they offer strong courses for a wide range of industries, it’s worth looking at TUOS league tables for your desired subject.

2) Is the University of Sheffield prestigious? 

The University of Sheffield is a research institution with a worldwide reputation for excellence. As a founding member of the UK’s prestigious Russell Group - and a world-top 100 university, TUOS offers its students a rich academic history, and quality teaching on a range of disciplines.

Tracing its history back to the Sheffield School of Medicine in 1828, The University of Sheffield has long been an integral part of this northern city. After joining other institutions to form Firth College in 1879, TUOS was finally granted Royal Charter in 1905. Since then, this prestigious university has continually developed into the institute of research excellence it’s known as today.

3) What is the University of Sheffield known for?

The University of Sheffield has a worldwide reputation for groundbreaking research, exceptional teaching standards and outstanding student experience. Not only was its Students’ Union voted best in the UK in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022, but - in 2021, 92% of its academic research got rated in the highest two categories set by the Research Excellence Framework.

With global research partners including Boeing, Rolls-Royce, AstraZeneca and Unilever, TUOS actively applies knowledge in a wide variety of sectors. What’s more, the prestigious institution also boasts 6 Nobel Prize winners among its former staff and alumni - including Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, Sir Hans Krebs and Lord Porter of Luddenham.

4) Can couples live in student housing?

Most halls and private housing providers require that all individuals sharing the accommodation are students, regardless of whether they’re a couple or not. Others allow for non-students to live with their partner provided one of them is currently studying. As such, whether you’re wanting separate rooms - or to share one in dual occupancy, it’s best to check with your landlord first. 

It’s also worth noting that students in HMO-licensed rental properties are entitled to a full council tax exemption. If the house is formed of both students and non-students, this no longer applies.

5) What should I look for in a student landlord?

When it comes to renting privately, getting a decent landlord can sometimes feel like a bit of a lottery. Unless you’ve gone through a letting agency, they’ll be your sole point of contact if any issues arise. That means you’ll want one that’s easily contactable, and attentive to your needs.

Those staying with us at PC Properties benefit from an award-winning landlord at their disposal. We’re honoured to have twice been voted Sheffield’s ‘Landlord of the Year’ by our tenants. With  hard work - and a great maintenance team, we’re devoted to providing a stress-free experience.

6) How much does it cost to live as a student in Sheffield?

In the current economic climate, students are more concerned about the cost of living in their chosen city than ever before. Those worrying about managing their finances will be relieved to hear Sheffield is the 3rd most affordable university city in the UK. From its thriving student living areas to the city centre itself, make your money stretch further with plenty of student discounts.

On average, the estimated cost of living for students in Sheffield averages around £1,412 per year. Of course, this isn’t what you should expect to pay - as that amount will depend on your spending habits and lifestyle choices, but it’s a good guide to follow for basic living expenses.

On top of living in one of the city’s thriving private student living areas, you’ll also benefit from devoted Wi-Fi support and award-winning landlords when opting for a PC property.

Our high-quality student houses cover the following student living areas in Sheffield…

- Botanical Gardens Houses (S10) - 0.7 miles from campus (15-minute walk or 15-minute bus)

- Broomhall Student Houses (S10) - 0.8 miles from campus (11-minute walk or 11-minute bus)

- Broomhill Student Houses (S10) - 0.7 miles from campus (16-minute walk or 10-minute bus) 

- Crookes Student Houses (S10) - 1.0 miles from campus (24-minute walk or 10-minute bus)

- Crookesmoor Houses (S10) - 0.4 miles from campus (10-minute walk or 6-minute bus)

- Ecclesall Road Houses (S11) - 1.1 miles from campus (22-minute walk or 19-minute bus)

- Hunters Bar Houses (S11) - 1.3 miles from campus (25-minute walk or 22-minute bus)

Perhaps you’re interested in the quirky independent shops along Ecclesall Road, or maybe you’d rather a spot of culture at Weston Park Museum near Crookes. Whatever you prefer, there’s sure to be something to suit in our ever-expanding range of quality student housing.

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